Cruise info

Vi samarbeider med Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler og reiselivsnæringen for tilrettelegging for cruiseanløp i Fredrikstad og Sarpsborg.
We are cooperating with Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler and the tourism industry for the facilitation of cruise vessel calls at the cities of fredrikstad and Sarpsborg.

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Fredrikstad Cruiseport
Øra - Terminal

Main docks at the estuary of river Glomma 

Main port –( Øra)  ISPS-port

The latest expansion  of the quayfront and terminal space is allowing ships with length up to 290 metres to moore alongside.  

Max size of ships:  L.O.A. 300 mtrs. W.O.A. 36 mtrs  Draft 12 mtr

The northern ara of the terminal has earlier been taking in cruise vessels  with a length of 200 metres, and will also in the future be available for cruisevessels in the class.

Max size of ships:  L.O.A. 220 mtrs. W.O.A. 32 mtrs  Draft 8.5  mtrs.

City Center of Fredrikstad - Tolbodkaien

City centre of Fredrikstad

Tollbodkaien, quayfront – 112 mtrs


Max size of ships:  L.O.A. 160 mtrs. W.O.A. 28 mtrs  Draft 6 mtrs

Old Town Fredrikstad
Old Town of Fredrikstad (Not ISPS – DOS to be signed)    75 mtrs

Max size of ships:  L.O.A. 75 mtrs. W.O.A. 12 mtrs  Draft 5mtrs

Ships calling Fredrikstad City or Old Town might have to turn on the bay north of the bridge, maximum airdraft will be 39 mtrs.


Tenderports - Tangen Brygge


Ancorage possible at two positions:
N59˚08,39’, E10˚52.15’    - Dist. for tenders 1.1 naut.miles
N59˚07,71’, E10˚58.22’    - Dist. for tenders 1.3 naut.miles


Høysand brygge

N59˚1,16’, E10˚52.15’   E 10˚23,02’ - Dist. for tenders 0.5 naut.miles

   Borg Havn IKS       Øraveien 27, 1630 Gamle Fredrikstad      Tlf: 69 35 89 00